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A modern center of culture and recreation

The Cultural Center of Aristotle's School is a complete center of culture and recreation. It is situated at the district of "Isvoria", 2 Kilometers away from the center of Naoussa, and at the area surrounding the archaeological monument of Aristotle's School, the "Nympheon of Mieza". It belongs to the Municipality of Naoussa and it was donated by the great donator of the City, Christos Lanaras.

The modern architecture of the building, in which the wood, the metal and the stone predominate, harmonizes well with the environment of the place around.

Facilities provided at the Cultural Center

  • Exhibition room
  • Conference and video room
  • Reception hall
  • Restaurant and Refreshment room
  • Parking lot for cars and buses

At the convenient rooms of the Cultural Center, the visitor, after having a guided tour at the archaeological site of Aristotle's School, can get information about the history and the importance of the monument, and find relevant books, brochures, CD-Rom, DVD, gifts, souvenirs e.t.c.

The Conference room (80 seats) is of high specification. It is fully provided with modern audio-visual systems (projection, sound truck and translation center), being thus an ideal place for conferences, educational programs and festivities. At the same place the visitor can watch films and/or videos about the Great Philosopher Aristotle, the Archaeological sites (Aristotle's School, Macedonian Tombs of Anthemia, Ancient theater of Mieza) and the history of the heroic City of Naoussa.


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